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sacred geometry


wall art

Sacred Geometry is based on the belief that all things in existence have a geometric and mathematical proportion. This includes not only structures of all sizes, but music, cosmology, our DNA, and even space and time, which all resonate with a particular set of harmonics and measurable frequency.

 Ancient and indigenous cultures around the world have long had this understanding of the fractal nature of the Universe.  Their spiritual practices and ways of creating architecture expressed this reverence and understanding. We see the awareness of geometric ratios and forms in the architecture of the Ancient Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and Romans, who all believed that geometry was pervasive in nature and inherently sacred.

Modern day consumer-capitalist and technologically driven societies have mostly become disconnected from the organic rhythms of nature, and while this enables societies and industries to thrive in work output, productivity, and economic gain, it more often than not has come at a cost to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well being.

 Sacred Geometric symbols were believed by Ancient cultures to be visual instruments that have profound healing effects. Meditating on these forms was thought to bring our vibrations back into harmony with the rhythms of nature.  If all of nature is indeed created from geometric forms, then meditating on these forms can be considered as meditating on the nature of 'all that is'. And when our bodies, minds, and spirits align with the frequencies contained in these shapes, harmony is restored to the being. It's thought that this alignment can bring us heightened intuition, greater ease, flow and synchronicity into our lives.

The following are a few well known Sacred Geometry symbols, their meanings, and the healing powers ascribed to them:

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