Fibonacci Seed of Life Wall Art

Fibonacci Seed of Life Wall Art

This design is a fractalized version of the Seed of Life design, in increments of the Fibonacci sequence. It creates a beautiful, soothing image reminiscent of a flower. 


The sacred spiral (fibonacci sequence), for instance, is inherent in everything from a simple pine cone, to a snail shell, to the human body, to the Great Pyramids at Giza. Plato's solids (platonic shapes) are said to form the basis for every design in the universe, even down to a molecular scale.


Designed by Shawn Kessler in California, USA


Imported by Body In Mind Training. Please check whether we have the desired art in stock. If not please allow 2-3 weeks while we import it for you. 


    Birch on Walnut

  • Wall Art Size (diameter)

    14" (35.5cm)


    California, USA